300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

24-day transforming advanced Yoga Teacher Training

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Styles: Hatha Yoga with alignment, Kundalini Tantra Meditation, Yoganidra, Chakra Healing, Reiki Level 1

Advait Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training is for those who wish to share Yoga with others or want to explore deeper aspects of Yoga. This Training is suitable for beginners to the advanced level. We teach Hatha and meditative Yoga to form the foundation of the Training. The Training introduces, explores, studies, and practices the study of standing poses, sitting poses, forward bends and hip openers, sitting twists, inversions, back-bends, hand-balancing, and Restorative Yoga.

Prerequisite: Graduates of 200 Hour Yoga Teachers from Yoga Alliance registered the school.

Highlights of The Training

300-hour Yoga Course highlights

  • Hatha Yoga – Meditative and dynamic asana sequence from beginners to advance level
  • Asana alignment and using props to align the body for maximum benefits, safety, and preventing injuries.
  • Sun salutation – traditional suryanamaskar to awaken solar energy within for strength and vitality. Sun salutation A and B with primary series with modifications
  • Moon Salutation – traditional chandranamaskar to awaken feminine energy within to balance mental and emotional health.
  • Pavanmuktasa series (meditative movement) and preparatory body warm-up exercises to heal the body knots and healthy joints.
  • Kundalini Yoga – Chakra journey, Balancing chakras with asanas, beeja mantras, pranayama, and chakra Meditations
  • Learning and practicing to balance Yin and Yang energies in the body
  • Asana, Pranayama Meditation morning with the teacher and late afternoon teaching within a group
  • Five Tibetan and five internal organ exercises with healing sounds
  • Practicing hands-on adjustments while teaching the class.
  • The practice of suryanamaskar with Mantra chanting and rituals
  • Purification and Balancing five elements earth, air, fire, water and space
  • Pranayama – increasing vitality through various breathing techniques.
  • Body, mind, emotional reset, and balancing
  • Mudras and Bandhas – Practicing individually or with pranayama and asanas
  • Shatkriyas (Yogic purification) – Cleaning the body for Yoga and well-being
  • Five Koshas – Purification and healing of five bodies (inner bodies)
  • Reiki level one training to heal yourself and offering Reiki healing sessions to others
  • Satsang and sharing circles – understanding personal; issues and creating harmony within and without
  • Chanting Mantras, listening to the mantras, kirtan, fire ceremony, meditation on the beach
  • Ayurveda principles for a healthy lifestyle, recipes and diet, and Panchkarma theory
  • Meditations – understanding what meditation is, the obstacles, and the purpose of meditation
  • Healing and transforming various meditations include dance, awareness techniques, and silence
  • Traditional Tantra Meditations from Vigyan Bahairav Tantra (no sex)
  • Indian astrology and numerology lecture and session for overcoming the hurdles in life.
  • Yoga Philosophy – Yogsutras of Patanjali, traditional tantra, gherand sanhita, vedanta, upnishads and Bhagvadgit

Daily Schedule



​​​​6:00 – 8:15 am

Asana Pranayama meditation

8:30- 9:30 am


10:00- 11:15 am

Yoga Meditation Philosophy

11:30 – 12:50 pm


1:00 – 2:45 pm

Lunch and Rest

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Anatomy / Meditation

4:15 – 5:30 pm

Asana Teaching Practice

5:30 – 7:00 pm

Free relaxing time

7:00 – 8:00 pm


8:00 – 9:15 pm

Twice a week Meditation

Day off

Once a week


Note – It is a sample schedule. Timing remains the same topics changes as the group progress.

Extra activities in your free time – In the evening you can swim in the pool or at the sea, walk or relax on the beach, watch sunset, get Ayurveda massage, be with the friends or just relax. On day off you can go to boat trip to watch the dolphins, visiting near by beaches or temples.

Dates and fee

Training Dates 2023 and 2024

 Training W/ Breakfast + Lunch No Room

 AC Twin Share

AC Standard Single


1 - 24 September 

€ 2300

€ 3600

€ 4100 

1 - 24 May 20224

€ 2300

€ 3600

€ 4100 

Get a 10% discount if you book 90-days in advance.

Non Residential Package Includes

✓ 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 24-day onsite
✓ 23 Nights accommodation with AC
✓ Daily Breakfast, and Lunch
✓ Training manual and online material
✓ Pre-reading study material
✓ Hatha Kundalini Tantra Meditation Yoga Teacher Training 300-Hour certificate

Residential Package Includes

✓ 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 24-day onsite
✓ Pick up from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)
✓ 23 Nights accommodation with AC
✓ Daily Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
✓ Training Manual, Notebook, and Neti pot
✓ Pre-reading study material
✓ Hatha Kundalini Tantra Meditation Yoga Teacher Training 300-Hour certificate

Accommodation, Location, Food

Room Amenities

Private Bathroom
Balcony to sit
Fan and Air conditioning
Drinking Water
Free Wi-Fi
Swimming pool


​​​Bali Mandala Resort – Pantai, Bondalem, Kec. Tejakula, Singaraja, Bali 81173, Indonesia 

Nearest airport – Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) (1 Hour drive by taxi). Daily domestic and international flights fly in and out from this airport. 

Advait Yoga Bali

Bali Mandala Resort – Pantai, Bondalem, Kec. Tejakula, Singaraja, Bali 81173, Indonesia 

Vegetarian/Vegan Food

We serve freshly cooked three meals daily (except on a weekly day off). India has a sunny climate, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year. A diet includes locally grown and mostly organic vegetables, fruits, grains, soups, nuts, and herbal teas. Our Kitchen staff prepares all the meals hygienically, with love and positivity.

Students Reviews

I am happy to have done 300-hour Yoga teacher training in Bali at Advait Yoga. The weather, food, and training were excellent. We had a small group and a lovely class. I am delighted that now I can teach a traditional Hatha Yoga class, and I look forward to putting it all into practice. I liked the teachers; they are excellent. All the teachers at the school have been very nice to us. Thank you to all! I hope to stay in touch, as I live in the neighborhood.
Lori, Hongkong

Thank you for making this 300-hour Yoga TTC adventure a fantastic journey into a transformation. I learned so much had a wonderful time developing my practice with great new friends and! Alignment classes made so much sense for my training and understanding of asanas, Yoga Philosophy, anatomy, meditation, pranayama, mudra, bandhas, and laughter. Namaste!
Fleur Denmark

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