Are you one of those who associate weight loss with only gym equipment, cardiovascular exercises, and weight-bearing exercises? But if you like to do yoga or want to lose weight by reaping the many benefits offered by yoga, here is good news for you. You can lose weight effectively with yoga, and that too at no extra cost. Yoga is a relaxing activity that helps burn calories, improve mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, and lose weight. Yoga is often associated with meditation and with the exercise of the mind. However, this modality has become very popular, and people have begun to know its true meaning and benefits.

In historical terms, yoga is more than 5,000 years old. It originated in India and was considered a way of life, working both on the body and the mind. Today, that philosophy is still maintained. Yoga works on the body and mind through postures and exercises that vary according to the style practiced.

There are several types of yoga. The most popular are: Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Bikram. These styles are adapted to all tastes, ages, and objectives, so there is no excuse not to try. Everyone generally works on physical fitness, flexibility, breathing, and mental well-being.

Different Benefits of Yoga are as follows:

Yoga helps burn calories

Like other activities, yoga is a great way to do physical exercise. Although some movements may be more accessible, their practice is quite complete. Again, an excellent activity to burn calories.
A typical yoga class usually begins with a brief introduction and warm-up, followed by various complex movements and postures. Finally, the class ends with a moment of relaxation or meditation.
Most movements are complete and require a little strength, balance, flexibility, and concentration. The variation in intensity makes yoga beneficial for weight loss.
The variation and difficulty of the postures make this activity an excellent way to improve metabolism. As a result, more calories are burned! This will help you lose weight in the long term!

Yoga posture relaxes the mind and the relaxed body

In addition to a physical challenge, losing weight is a psychological test. Therefore, keeping the mind and body relaxed and prepared for the challenge is essential. On the other hand, factors such as stress and hectic routines can interfere with your weight loss plan.
This is where yoga can help you. Experts argue that if practiced continuously has a very positive effect in the long term. It makes you feel better and more relaxed, reduces stress, and increases your sense of general well-being! All the indicators to lead a healthy life and lose weight!
Some yoga classes, such as Bikram, perform movements repeatedly. The sequence of 26 positions is repeated in exactly the same way in all categories. At first, it may seem strange or monotonous. On the other hand, precisely this constant repetition produces a feeling of relaxation after each class.

Yoga has an impact on the digestive system.

The different postures of yoga can have an impact on the organs of the body. Yoga instructors and practitioners from around the world confirm this.
The reason is simple. Stretches, twists, and contractions of the abdominal area can improve digestion. As a result, the metabolism can also be accelerated, helping you lose weight. This way, we achieve a healthy metabolism and an excellent digestive system.
To make these results visible, it is essential to practice yoga regularly. It all starts with a test class. If you are curious, you know it is worth it.

Benefits of Yoga for health

On a physical level
• The so-called “asanas” of yoga will help you to tone the body.
• Your resistance increases.
• Your flexibility increases.
• Improve muscle tone and posture in general.
• Relaxation leaves us calm at a physical level.
• Improved blood circulation.
• The welfare state in general.
On a mental level
• Improvement of concentration, memory, and attention.
• Emotional stability is produced by reducing alterations and contact with oneself.
• Peace and tranquility.
• Self-awareness: improvement of the knowledge of one’s own body, of the breath, and the mind.
• General well-being.
On a spiritual level
• Development of wisdom and calm to face problems in a different way to which we are typically accustomed.
• Freedom in your daily life thanks to the new concept of “I” and of others.
• Greater rest during the night.
These are some of the breaths and yoga postures to lose weight:
1 Kapalabhati
Also known as fire-breathing, the yogi Baba Ramdev made it famous. It is beneficial for losing weight. We will learn how to do it.
• Sit cross-legged on the yoga mat.
• Your body should be straight, the column elongated.
• Close your eyes and place your hands on your knees in a comfortable position
• The abdomen muscles must be completely relaxed, do not make an effort with them.
• Breathe deeply and exhale the air through your nose as if you made a snort. When you release the air, you will notice your abdomen pressing inward.
• If you are starting the practice, do these breathe about 50 times. Increase the duration until you get 10 minutes in a row.
2 Bhastrika Pranayama
This breathing helps put extra oxygen in the body.
• Sit comfortably, preferably on a yoga mat or rug. Your legs must be crossed, one on top of the other.
• Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up, the tip of your thumb and the ring finger pressing against each other.
• Take normal breaths and relax.
• Now breathe deeply, with all your strength, so the lung is full of oxygen.
• Then, exhale forcefully through the nose so that the air comes out sounding like a whistle.
• Repeat this about 5 or 10 times.