If you’re getting ready for your first or second child, you might be experiencing some blended feelings and nervousness about birth, turning into a mother. You may find aches, tightness, and inconvenience in your back, hips, pelvis, and legs. You will experience difficulty while sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping. But pregnancy is as natural as breathing! Pregnant women don’t suddenly become super delicate. During your pregnancy, you should not carry heavy weight.

Daily exercise is essential; the best is prenatal yoga asanas!

You may have even tried attending your pre-pregnancy yoga class. However, you didn’t feel satisfied or safe changing postures. Maybe the lesson was crowded, so the teacher couldn’t give you individual advice, or they weren’t prepared or knowledgeable about showing a pregnant understudy. If there is a prenatal group class close to you, the time isn’t perfect with your timing, or perhaps you live in a town with no prenatal yoga class alternatives. On the other hand, it might be possible if you’re searching for an individualized experience where you can extend your yoga practice and breathing exercise.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  1.  Reduces stress & Anxiety

– The teaching of Breathing & Meditation Techniques is the best benefit of Yoga; accordingly, doing Yoga while pregnant can help reduce the pressure and tension of pregnancy. Expecting a new baby can be an upsetting time in somebody’s life, so overcoming that worry through postures and strategies can benefit the body and the child.

  1.  Decrease Pregnancy Pain

– While including Yoga into your daily schedule during pregnancy, various body pain and issues can be cured with Yoga, including lower back issues, headaches, short breaths, nausea, and dizziness.

  1.  Increased benefits during childbirth

– Giving birth might be one of the most painful. Rehearsing Yoga can assist a mother in building endurance, flexibility, and strength in her body to help a successful birthing.

  1.  Better Sleep

– One advantage is to help moms to be with resting. The failure to relax can cause significant issues for a pregnant lady; Yoga can help discover relaxation with various asana that can be adjusted in regular day-to-day existence for better sleep. 

Asana for Prenatal Yoga

  1.  Tree Pose 
  2.  Triangle Pose
  3.  Cat Pose
  4.  Corpse Pose
  5.  Warrior Pose
  6.  Butterfly Pose