Advait Yoga Teachers Team

Expereinced Yoga Meditation Teachers Team

Our teachers’ team is dedicated to their yoga and meditation practices regularly so they can share what they experienced. In addition, all our teachers have completed one or more Yoga teacher training in India and other countries and registered with Yoga Alliance.

Master Nirakar

(E-RYT 500, Yoga Philosophy, Tantra Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Master) 

Master Nirakar has chosen his individual path of Yoga and Meditation following his heart. He dived deeply into Yoga and meditation and shares his wisdom with his meditative presence. Every Yoga teacher training or any retreat becomes very fantastic and enjoyable to him and participants. His inspiring teachings and presence creates a better understanding for participants and helps them to grow on the path of Yoga and meditation.

He Graduated his Yoga Teacher Training in 2004 and since 2006 he has been teaching Yoga and Meditation in India and Thailand. He shared his wisdom in more than 50 Yoga teacher training till 2017. Many of his students are successful Yoga Teachers, and some of them opened their Yoga centers in various countries.

Jessica Ray

 (E-RYT 200, Asana, Pranayama, Vinyasa) 

Hi, I’m Jessica Ray. I’ve had an impassioned yoga practice for 20 years and have traveled the globe. I settled in India to complete my teacher’s training. I have always felt that my role was to teach and that I had a deep-seated passion for bringing healing and relief to others. My style is based on the traditional principles of Vinyasa yoga. I adapt the sequence according to the group and the capability of the participants. Yoga is for everyone and should be used to explore the body of all ages and abilities.


The Teacher Training at Advait Yoga was a life-changing experience. They share so much knowledge, wisdom, and happiness with their students. Enjoy life now at this moment. Live life like a butterfly and enjoy the beautiful things in life. Accept yourself; energize yourself with healthy and delicious vegan and vegetarian food.
Guusje Spain

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training was fulfilling and gave me more experience in my Yoga practice, study, and self-exploration. I am very grateful for this journey with Advait Yoga
Katrine Switzerland

Teachers were very professional and approachable, sincere, kind, gentle, and knowledgeable Yoga training challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thank you for such a transforming experience.
Alka India