Congratulations on completing the Yoga teacher training course. Finally, you get the authorization from your training school to share Yoga with the world. Graduating from Yoga Teacher Training is a delightful achievement. After all, you’ve devoted considerable time and money to the program.

Teaching Yoga is a rewarding job, but it requires dedicated self-practice, studying Yoga books, watching Yoga videos, occasionally joining Yoga retreats, and learning from different sources and teachers. As a yoga teacher, you share your knowledge to help others with stress relief, physical fitness, or well-being. There’s no embarrassment in not knowing everything about Yoga. In admitting it, you stay a humble learner and an honest teacher.

Start teaching your family and friends.

Teaching is also learning. Start sharing Yoga practices with your loved ones and friends. Your teaching abilities and confidence will grow. When you start working on different bodies, you learn how to adjust them and which practices will be helpful for them.

Teach One to one classes

It might be the beginning to give lessons one-on-one to focus more on individual requirements. Most people can’t cope with fast fitness-oriented Yoga classes. Some people prefer personal lessons at home.

Teach in Community

Yoga is spreading worldwide, but still, some parts of society can’t afford the prices of Yoga. Therefore, it is a kind idea to offer free classes for the community once in a while.

Market your classes

The most effective way to reach people is through social media. Create social media accounts and start promoting your classes and events. You can design flyers and put them in places like health stores, vegan restaurants, and fitness clubs.

Share Yoga Studio

You can collaborate with a local Yoga studio and offer personal or group Yoga classes. People enjoy verity; you can propose Acro Yoga, Yin Yoga, and meditations as a variation.

Follow ethical and local legal guidelines.

For Yoga teachers, teaching Yoga is a part of their life. Ethics are inseparable from their life no matter what they do. Observe local legal instructions so you can enjoy sharing Yoga without any disturbance.

As a yoga teacher, you’re accountable for making an instant, positive impact on somebody’s day or life! So enjoy your Yoga practice and teaching. Shine the would with your love and light.