These days, we often encounter various “numerical” as Yoga Teacher Training Courses, e.g., 200, 300 & 500. We usually are confused about which Training will be adequate as far as our current Yoga Practice goes. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is the most fundamental Yoga Teacher training globally.

It is apt for the students who feel a pull toward Yoga and want to start a career as a Yoga Teacher. Honestly, 200 Hours Yoga Tea starts a career as a Yoga Teacher; her Training does not require you to be equipped with any teaching skills.
On the contrary, having zero prior Yoga teaching experience helps you to remain more open to new learnings. This Yoga training is spread from an intensive 25-day training program to a longer duration ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Irrespective of the curriculum’s tenure, this Training gives you the skill to lead an entire 90-minute class.

A good 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course should deliver valuable skills to structure the sequence without sticking to a routine and teaching in class.

Three hundred hours of Yoga Teacher Training After successfully Graduating 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training, one can apply for 300 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training. The 300 Hours Yoga Training is more intense and called Advance Yoga Teacher Training Course. Three hundred hours of Training has a different curriculum than the 200 Hours of Training and a different set of goals.

This Training deepens your knowledge about every aspect of Yoga – Pranayama, Asanas, Meditation, Anatomy, etc. 300 Hours Training is for the teachers/students who have a severe enthusiasm towards teaching Yoga. You will be ready to start Yoga as a business after completing the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Five hundred hours of Yoga Teacher Training Students who have chosen Yoga as a part of their Livelihood & Spirituality or want to take a deeper dive into Yoga than 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training is something you must do. 500 Hours Yoga TTC combines 200 Hours & 300 Hours of YTTC. The benefit of this intense Training is that both 200 & 300 TTC can be completed in a shorter period.

You don’t have to keep thinking about when you will meet the next module after your first 200 Hours of Yoga TTC. But, depending upon the student’s capability, some students might need some time to absorb the learnings of 200 hours of TTC. 500 Hours Yoga TTC equips students with a solid foundation of Yoga that you can launch your Teacher Training Courses worldwide.