About Advait Yoga 

Advait Tantra Yoga Meditation Retreats and Trainings for conscious living and well-being

Advait Yoga school intention

Advait Yoga School is an outcome of 16 years experiences of running Yoga Retreats and Yoga teacher training for Well-being Peace and Happiness. With an experienced team of Indian and International Yoga teachers. Our Yoga teacher training courses are designed to empower you to stand apart as an inspired yogi. The goal of the Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation Retreat is to deepen one’s learning and teaching ability and to develop oneself as a person who carries divine light and love to transform others.

Yoga is about transforming our being, physical, mental, and spiritual into a state of optimal wellness. We help and support this during any of our courses offered worldwide. We are committed to being a vital part of the emerging new humanity, and happy to say that many of our graduated students are sharing their knowledge and wisdom worldwide, inspiring many people on the path of Yoga and Meditation.

Advait Yoga Specialty

  1. Advait Yoga offers the best Yoga teacher training with inner transformation, and you will gain a deeper understanding of Yoga and meditation.
  2. Indian and international experienced teachers.
  3. Comfortable, clean accommodations with delicious vegetarian/vegan food.
  4. Safe and trusted pick-up service from the airport at any time of the day or night by a trusted taxi driver
  5. Advait Yoga has the best locations with good weather for Yoga teacher training and retreats.
  6. Pre-reading material to help students to get prepared for the course
  7. Our training and retreats are limited to 15 participants. Due to the small group, everybody gets personal attention.
  8. We teach all the subjects theoretically and practically in simple English. Training manuals that are in English and easy to understand.
  9. You will meet like-minded people to make lasting friendships.
  10. You will enjoy laughing, dancing, and being playful with discipline and sincerity in the training or retreats.
  11. Yoga meditation activities occasionally take place outdoors to feel connected with nature.



My vision was to teach Yoga and meditation. Now I am a certified yoga teacher, and I feel accomplished ad excited to share my practice and teachings with my future students. Thanks to Advait Yoga.
Paritosh India

I am amazed by the quality and serenity possessed by the beautiful teacher of Advait Yoga. I’ll always be grateful to the institute and have a special place in my heart and the friends I made during my Yoga teacher training.
Ellie Uk

About Advait Yoga Training and Retreats

Purify, heal and enhance your life with Advait Yoga

  • To make your yoga practice valuable and to be safe avoid consumption of any kind of drugs, alcohol and smoking cigarettes. 
  • Let go of the limiting labels and stories about yourself. Be open and receptive for new experiences of Yoga and meditation.
  • Prioritize your sleeping time at night, in order to wake up on time to start the day with energy and freshness and punctuality.
  • To enrich your Yoga Meditation practice openness, kindness, mindfulness, gratitude and patience will be supportive tools
  • Practicing non-attachment to your thoughts and being non-judgmental toward yourself and others will expand your heart and mind.
  • All the classes are mandatory to attend unless if you are not feeling well (need to inform the teacher in time)
  • Disciplined behavior is expected from the participants. Rude or arrogant behavior with fellow students, teachers and management will not be tolerated.  Be respectful to yourself and others.
  • Respect the place where you practice yoga, meditation. Keep the Yoga Hall clean and after using the mats or yoga props take them to their original place. No food, tea or other drinks are allowed in the Yoga Hall. You can carry water bottle and small bag.
  • Check visa rules before you travel and plan to book travel ticket and buy a health and travel insurance


Vedic Mantra for Wellbeing

1: Om, May All become Happy,
2: May All be Free from Illness.
3: May All See what is Auspicious,
4: May no one Suffer.
5: Om Peace, Peace, Peace.