Get Prepared Physically and mentally.

If you are new to Yoga, find out about some Yoga classes in your city or town. To start with, Hatha Yoga is the best, suitable for everyone, and includes gentle asanas for relaxation. However, if you are already fitness-oriented and have excellent stamina, you can try Ashtanga Yoga for beginners. Start practicing asanas 3/4 times a week. You will feel your body and thinking pattern change in a few months.

Yoga practice can give you more energy and strength, and it is important to practice regularly. If you can check your diet and ensure you eat healthy vegetarian food and sleep in time, that can nurture your Yoga practice. You will feel a sense of well-being is increasing week by week.

 Am I feeling inspired to do Yoga Teacher Training?

Are you inspired to be a Yoga teacher? Do you feel ready to go deeper into Yoga than practicing daily Yoga? Understanding of Yoga Philosophy and its Holistic science behind it? If your answer is yes, it is time to check the right Yoga school.

Before you join Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Check your budget
  2. Locations – Choose if you want to do training in your country or these popular Yoga destinations?
  3. Yoga Teacher Training in India
  4. Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand
  5. Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
  6. Yoga Teacher Training in Spain
  7. Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica
  8. Check the weather – It is essential to make your training enjoyable.
  9. Choose a Yoga School, and book the course.
  10. Make Travel plans – Book flights, Apply for visas.
  11. Continue your Yoga practice and study.
  12. Stay in touch with the School.

How to choose a Yoga school for Yoga Teacher Training?

  1. Choose the Yoga style and program in which you want to do your training.
  2. Take a look at online Accommodation options and what type of food, and ask if you have any questions before you book.
  3. Check the fees and what includes and excludes them. Cancellation policy. Compared with other schools at the exact location.
  4. Read some reviews about School online and look at the Facebook page.
  5. Book directly with the School than through third parties; you might get a discount.
  6. After booking your training, ask for pre-reading material to prepare for the course.
  7. Check if the Yoga school is registered by Yoga Alliance to offer you valid certification.

How to be in Yoga Teacher Training?

Now you are stepping into your training; a few tips will be helpful for you.

  1. It is a new beginning in your life. Stay in the present moment. Time is precious, do not discuss personal stories with fellow students or teachers.
  2. Once you choose the School, trust its teaching process and way of teaching. Do not compare your past Yoga education with your current training.
  3. Be adaptable to the surrounding atmosphere, teachers, students, and food. When you surrender and let go, you will feel unburdened. If something is not suitable for you, ask politely.
  4. Always be ready to learn. If something is positive and valuable, come out of your comfort zone.
  5. Be respectful of your boundary. No teacher is allowed to be unethical with students. Sexual misconduct is unacceptable from the School and teachers.
  6. Be friendly with Teachers and students. Maintain a harmonious relationship with everyone. Do not hide your questions about training and personal process.
  7. Take responsibility for your body, mind, and emotions. Knowing your weakness & strengths will give you a chance to improve yourself.

I wish you all the best for a new journey!